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V. Far Forest Scrolls Books 

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Na Cearcaill

Decades after invaders led by the White Wizard stormed across the Dark Sea and ravaged Verngaurd, the world is once again on the brink of war. Yet, this time, something is different. An evil is leaching its way across the land precisely as magic is waning and time-honored alliances are fracturing.


A dusty prophecy whispers a glimmer of hope, a soft rustle against an avalanche of darkness. With the world engulfed in war and chaos, a small group of friends set off on a quest to discover the source of all magic, the key to stopping the advancing evil. The voyage proves much tougher than they could have ever imagined.


The overwhelmed band of heroes find themselves spiraling down an insane quest as the world around them crumbles. If the terrifying trials meant to protect the ancient scrolls don’t kill them, the eccentric and unimaginable guardians just might.


Havoc and sweeping battles are bursting on all sides as they struggle to complete their odyssey. Can they beat the odds and acquire the source of magic? Will it be enough to stop the ancient evil before spine-chilling carnage from innumerable battles chokes all life from the world?


Hourglass of Destruction

Hope and jubilation are transient riding compassions as the Knights and squires depart Castle Liberum for a tournament of nations. Those spurious emotions quickly evaporate, as a journey meant to unite the fracturing realms of Verngaurd promptly turns into a battle for survival. Dark creatures spread roots of death and deceit, infecting ancient alliances, intent on turning the soil red with civil war. Can the Knights fight through the gathering enemy forces and turn back the coming storm before the sands of time run out?

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Rise Above the Storm

The world sits on the precipice of total war as the countries of Verngaurd fracture under the powerful sway of deceit. The unifying joy at the Tournament of Flags falls into ruin as reports of a massacre surface. The Elves and Dwarves appear to be framed for the murder and abuse of innocent civilians.


With the remaining Tournament canceled, the Knights head to the Forest of Creber to bury their beloved Knight, Finn. Tantalizingly close to the refuge of the woods, a large force of Dark Warriors descends upon them. It quickly becomes apparent that several contentious factions are frantically seeking the siblings, squires Bellae and Jumeaux, who can solve the prophecy and secure the future of magic.


A collision of forces converges upon them, each enticed by the beguiling power that would befall the holder of the source of all magic, the Power Crystals. The bearer of them can either tip the world into the destructive cycle, Na Cearcaill, or avert ruination.


Supreme Master Magician Veneficus and his legions, the White Wizard along with his Dark Warriors, and the mysterious League of Truth all merge at the violent clash outside the forest, desperately hoping to secure the squires and the promise of power fluttering over them.


The forces of Verngaurd unite against the Dark Warriors, but it shall serve as the last act of solidarity before total war. Treachery drives the final wedge between former allies. Battle lines are drawn, and worldwide conflict gains momentum, promising a struggle that will exact a heavy toll of sacrifice and blood.


The floundering League of Truth is under constant harassment from the skies and ground. Even after confirming the Chosen One, they quickly find themselves surrounded by fantastical creatures in the cavernous shadows of a gloomy forest. Before they can reach the first step in the prophecy quest, the fragile League is in a desperate fight for survival.


Earth on Fire

Ocean of Blood

The League of Truth finds itself in a life and death struggle before their quest truly begins. Trapped, they fight for survival between hordes of undead and fearsome humanoid tree creatures.

Pushed into civil war, the nations of Verngaurd descend into a series of devastating and fatal battles that leave the ground bloodied and in flames. Will Friar Pallium’s years of planning be enough to overcome the considerably larger army of nations arrayed against them? With an elaborate series of feints and ambushes planned, the only assured outcome is substantial death on both sides. With the Allies and the Confederacy focused on fighting each other, the Dark Warriors are all too happy to move in and conquer territory.

When the trials of their odyssey are finally revealed the League quickly discovers it will be longer, more strenuous, and infinitely more dangerous than they could have imaged. Bellae will have to face eccentric guardians of uncertain motives while struggling with the devastating loss of one of her companions—and her part to play in his tragic death.

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